Setting up a website with Bluehost

Sign up & first do’s on your website’s cPanel

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  • 1. Sign up and get hosted by Bluehost

    Which hosting plan to select? What are the differences? Reminder how to pick a catchy domain name

  • 2. Create business email accounts

    How to set up email with domain-end? How to connect new email account to Gmail/Outlook

  • 3. Install building platform by one-click

    Step-by-step guide how to install content mangement system called WordPress into your domain

  • 4. Transport files between PC and server (FTP)

    What is File Transfer Protocol (FTP)? How to install a plugin (as zip file) manually

1. How to sign up to Bluehost?

    Creating a website with Bluehost will be quick and easy like a snap. But more importantly, your website’s health will be in good hands.

    Doesn’t matter what hosting package you will take, the system will always create backups of your website and you can resotre it for free if needed. Let’s have a look…

Sneak peak below…

  1. Open
  2. Click on Get started now
  3. And let’s select a hosting plan

Differences between hosting plans

  • Basic – Create a decent but effective small website (for ex. blogs, small business sites, non-governmental organizations). Basic plan can easily accomodate 500 to 1000 visits per day.
  • Plus – Create capable site for your business (no limits). Limitless email storage
  • Prime – Create capable business sites and enjoy domain privacy (nobody can’t check who is behind your site) also you can use more flexible backup restoring solution (you can restore specific file or folder)
  • Pro – For huge and high-traffic online businesses. You sleep peacefully every night because resistance against malware is bigger and your site is more secured. It also will rank better, because Google loves if you protect yourself. And YES, Google takes this kind of things into account when ranking websites.

My recommendation for hosting plan

    Start your new website with the Basic plan, when time comes (traffic grows over 1000 visits per day), upgrade to a bigger plan. Know that you can always upgrade your plan or create a custom plan if it’s needed.

    Also you should know the following about Bluehost’s marketing offers. They say: “Get $100 of free advertising when you spend $25” Unfortunately, these offers are only available for Americans and Canadians.

Reminder how to pick a catchy domain name

  • It’s easier to remember short and direct name
  • People should be able to remeber the name after hearing it first time
  • Simplicity in spelling is important, because when customers hear it in TV or radio they should be able to write it down correctly
  • Avoid hypens and complex letter combinations
  • Preferably choose domain name, which is short but also has a message (related to your product or service)
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors and be unique

Let’s sign up to Bluehost (sample purchase)!

    Here’s a step-by-step guide how to sign up to Bluehost. There’s nothing difficult! I’m going to register a new domain as well called “”. So let’s check out what we need to do!

Step 1 – Select hosting plan!

1) Got to and click on get started now.
2) Pick a hosting plan! I suggest “Basic” for starting, you can upgrade it anytime. Without traffic there is really no need for more expensive plan.

Step 2 – Insert your domain name!

Insert your new domain name. If you want to use existing domain name then you can use it as well, just insert it.

getting domain name

Step 3 – Fill out the blanks!

Fill out the personal information form.

How to sign up to Bluehost

Step 4 – Select account plan!

Choose Account Plan (longer period will save more money per month). I’ll select 12 month plan this time.

bluehosts account plan

Step 5 – Unselect all add-ons except…

    Basically, you may unselect all add-ons if you want to save money. And don’t worry about the backups, every day Bluehost will create a backup of your website. So you don’t need the Site Backup Pro version. Also, you can create backups yourself with a plugin called “Duplicator”.

    PS! I recommend to select Domain Privacy Protection if you need total privacy. With that extension nobody can check out who’s behind your website if you like anoymity and you’re a private person. I’m going to unselect all add-ons!

How to bought hosting

Step 6 – Finish the purchase!

    Insert your credit card numbers and click on Submit. If you would like to pay by Paypal you will find it by clicking on More payment options.

How to bought bluehost hosting

Final step – Login to your cPanel

    Now you get an email from Bluehost with your website’s credentials. I suggest to create new cPanel password as well!

Welcome to bluehost

2. How to create a business email account

    How do you feel when your network provider sends your bills to account [email protected]?

    It’s ridiculous, unprofessional and your credibility will be automatically reduced. So, let’s be professional and create a professional business email account with a domain name ending extension!

How to create a business email account

  1. Log in to your cPanel
  2. Click on Email Manager
  3. Click on Create an email account
  4. Give a name for your account and click on Create. (Webmail client may stay: Roundcube)
  5. Click on Check Webmail for reading/writing your emails. (Also you can login to Webmail directly on Bluehost’s homepage)

Connecting new email account with Gmail or Outlook

    I’m pretty sure you don’t have the time to read your emails in Bluehost. I recommend connecting your new email account with Gmail or Outlook. Here’s a guide how to do that with both of them:

#1 Connecting your account with Gmail

1. Login to Gmail
2. Hit Settings (“gear” icon on the top right corner)
3. Open Accounts and Import ➜ Add an email account
Enter the email address that you would like to add and click on Next

how to connect bluehost with gmail4
5. Fill the blanks and use same settings (replace my credentials with yours) and click on Add Account:

how to connect bluehost with gmail
6.Thick on Yes, I want to be able to send mail as “[email protected]
7. Enter your name or alias name who you’re presenting with that account and click on Next Step
8. Fill the next blanks and use same settings (replace my credentials with yours)

SMTP server:
Port: 25

how to connect bluehost with gmail2

9. Insert your confirmation code and click on Verify

Done! Send a test email to yourself in order to be sure that things are working!

#2 Connecting your account with Microsoft Outlook (for Windows users only)

    Outlook can configure your Bluehost’s email account automatically. Just insert your name, email, password and it’s almost done!

1. Open Outlook
2. Fill the blanks and click on Next
3. Done!

How to connect bluehost with outlook

3. Let’s install the WordPress!

    One of the brightest aspects of creating a website with Bluehost is their good relationship with WordPress. By the way, Bluehost’s servers are custom built for hosting WordPress websites. So WordPress sites will open fast. And of course Bluehost offers one-click-installation for WordPress fans.

    Without one-click-installation, it takes more time and effort, but luckily you don’t have to worry about it. Using WordPress is the easiest way to create a website.

Now follow the next steps…

Step 1. Login in to cPanel and click on Install WordPress

    Log in to your cPanel and click on Install WordPress button and then push Continue installation

How to install wordpress by 1 click

Step 2 – Insert your domain name

    Insert your new full domain name. Un-check both plugins (you don’t need them) and click on Next

How to install wordpress by one click

Step 3 – Create your admin account for WordPress

    Now give a name for your site and generate WordPress admin username & password. Also put ✓ for all clauses and click on Install

How to install wordpress by one click2

Step 4 – You’re ready for lunch!

    Your install is underway. After it’s completed click on …view credentials here. You can ignore these spammy offers because you don’t need them.

How to install wordpress by one click3

Step 5 – Go to your website URL and login to WP

    You should be seeing your website in maintenance mode. This is a little bonus for Bluehost’s customers. Many providers don’t offer this kind of service and you have to create a “coming soon” page by yourself.

Hit the green button called “Admin Login” to get access to WordPress!

How to install wordpress by one click4

Congrats, you have just created a website with Bluehost!

Remember that…

…is access URL for logging to WordPress!

4. File transfer between PC and server (FTP)

    FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and its purpose is to transport your website’s files between your computer and Bluehost’s server. For example, if you use File manager in cPanel then you can see all your website’s files (plugins, themes, pictures and coding files) which are located in your web host’s server.
What is FTP?

Why I need this FTP thing?

  • Recovering your website after crashes
  • Installing content management system manually
  • Installing plugins manually (premium plugins outside from official WordPress plugins market)
  • Special demands in website’s design (editing style.css file)

(Sample procedure) I’ll show you how to install a premium plugin manually

    For your knowledge you can install plugins always manually. If you download some premium plugins outside from official plugins market (directly from provider websites or you just get your new plugin as a .zip file.

    Your mission will be upload that plugin’s .zip file from your PC to your hosting server using File Manager in your cPanel.

    I bought a premium plugin called “Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress” from Codecanyon. I’ll show you step-by-step how to install it manually!

Step 1 – Log in to File Manager

Login to your cPanel and click on File Manager

File manager in Bluehost cPanel

Step 2 – Select which folder to open

To be honest there isn’t really a difference in which folder to open now!

Clicking on Home Directory I’ll see all my folder and files (including cPanel files like mailbox system). Clicking Web Root I jump directly to my main website folder. Basically I have to do only 1 click more.

How to log in to file manager in Bluehost

Step 3 – Find folder called “Plugins”

1. I’m going to find folder called Plugins

How to install plugins manually4

Step 4 – Upload your plugin

1. Before uploading I extracted my plugin’s .zip file to my computer (I used WinRar zipping program for that).
2. Now I have to upload my plugin’s folder called “Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress” to my server (UploadChoose FileOpen File)

How to install plugins manually2

Step 5 – Activate your plugin

And the last thing to do. I have to activate my plugin in WordPress and after that I’m ready to using it! (Plugins➜ Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress➜ Activate)

How to activate plugins in WordPress

Any questions about hosting?

Your issues may help me as well, so don’t be afraid and ask me straight 🙂