About author | Don Christensen

  • Hi there, I’m Don, author of getwebsite.org. Friends call me Don, or Donline because they think I’m too passionate about the web. Maybe they are right because I believe that on the web we have a lot of new opportunities and jobs. It’s a modern industry and interesting one to be part of.

My motto is: ‘’If you do something, do it well’’. But do find something that I wanted to do was a twisted journey for me…

How I got here

I started studying business and accounting but left school after a year, because it was too basic and I didn’t get the feeling that I’m gonna help others and do something meaningful. I just didn’t have the feeling that I’m happy doing it. I believe that you have to love what you do and only then can you do it well.

After an error in school, I was searching for a job, got one through family connections and thanks to my computer skills. I landed on marketing firm. That was new and opened my eyes. I learned about myself, my weaknesses and strengths, and I learned about new opportunities.

Among new opportunities was digital marketing. One of the authoritative figures in marketing firm told me ‘’Look son, this is the thing for 21. century’’ and pointed towards the text. I didn’t understand it, but soon I figured out, why content marketing is the present and the future. But even after gathering the new information I didn’t know what to study, I wanted to go back to school and learn a skill.

My grandfather was a radio engineer and I think I got from him a pull towards technology. Also, I like to do things that are hot topics at the moment, things that have a future. So, I was thinking how can I use my marketing knowledge, be meaningful and do something that’s relevant. And unexpectedly – like a thunder in the clear sky – I figured out that I need to bind content marketing and web development.

Trying to make the world a better place | Hobbies

Some people are happy when they help others. I’m one of these guys. You can help others if you give them advice, financial aid or something else, which has some kind of value.

Some good years back me and my lady read orphanage kids wishes for Christmas. One girl wanted some specific doll. So, we bought the doll and send it to her at the orphanage with a little best-wishes-card. Making her Christmas wish come true was a very warm feeling for me.

I believe in giving value to others and getting a warm feeling back from them. It’s meaningful. That’s how good relationships work. Like treating your lady and she treats you.

One of the reasons I created this website was to help non-profits and other people who are not so lucky.I hope this online tutorial helps you to achieve your wishes and dreams!

Fill out my contact form, if you have any questions about me or just want to ask about website creation world.